Thursday, June 17, 2010

Burmese Food Fair

Another weekend, another excellent food extravaganza in Queens. Thanks to Eat to Blog and Eating in Translation, we spent Sunday at the Burmese Food Fair and Fundraiser, sampling a samosa salad with cabbage in broth (salty and warming), shan noodles with chicken (spicy and tomatoy), a Burmese style pancake (full of whole grains, almonds, and coconut shavings), grass jelly soda (bitter and gelatinous), coconut noodles with chicken (unctuous and rich), cassava cake (like sweeter, softer parmesean cheese), and banana cake (the dark pink color belied the fruity taste). More than $14,000 was raised for Myanmar's orphaned and impoverished.

We're now taking suggestions for this weekend . . .

Burmese Food Fair

Assorted Pig Internals, Burmese Food Fair

Samosa salad, Burmese Food Fair

Shan noodles with chicken, Burmese Food Fair

Burmese pancake with coconut and almonds, Burmese Food Fair

Grass jelly drink, Burmese Food Fair

Coconut noodles, Burmese Food Fair

Cassava cake, Burmese Food Fair

Banana cake, Burmese Food Fair


Howard said...

yay! glad you enjoyed it.

thoughtfulplate said...

I've tried the banana cake at another venue before. Not 5 star dessert, but the homemade factor made it really special. What a great cause.

Jess and Garrett said...

Most definitely. Thanks for reading!

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