Friday, April 23, 2010

El Paso Taqueria

Our love affair with Mexican brunch continues, this time at El Paso Taqueria. This inexpensive restaurant saves the fireworks for the food (we just ate there and literally can't remember a thing about the decor). First, we sampled plump tamales, stuffed with shredded chicken and topped with salsa verde and a rich mole with hints of cinnamon and chocolate. Each also had a healthy sprinkle of cotija. They were soft and comforting and an easy way to start a Sunday.

And then we had eggs scrambled hard with jalapenos and tomatoes, served with a big tub of tortillas, as well as what can only be described as a feast of pork tacos. There was chorizo and oven-roasted pork and spicy marinated pork and grilled pork with pineapples, everything held into its respective double soft shell with a nice scoop of guacamole. Sounds of pestle on mortar punctuated our conversation.

El Paso already has three locations at 1/2-mile intervals along the Upper East Side. Clearly traditional flavors prepared well is a deservedly bankable formula.


Levinson Axelrod said...

Great food shots. Thanks for introducing this Taqueria.

Jess and Garrett said...

Thanks for reading!

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