Friday, April 30, 2010


Over the last several years, Joe and Jason Denton have perfected the modestly priced, shared-plates Italian restaurant in New York. Their latest is Corsino, a somewhat spare but comfortable place in the West Village. The extensive crostini menu was our first stop, where we chose a refreshing peas-and-pecorino number and the crostini del giorno, topped with peperoncini and slightly too much ricotta.

We followed with one of the other daily specials, a simple, oh-so-yummy plate of lightly fried vegetables. Tossed in the mix were a few fried lemons --- a couple of bites of just lemon were too intense, but they added a very nice zest.

Our final plates continued the straightforward-but-satisfying spirit of the evening. A bowl of brisket meatballs felt like a childhood wish granted, while the charred octopus with potatoes all'amatriciana married sea and smoke to create a pungently appealing dish.

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