Friday, January 23, 2009

Spice Market

We hit a home run in our first 2009 Restaurant Week foray --- brunch at Spice Market. The Bento Box special featured some highlights from the menu, including samosas stuffed with minced chicken, beef satay, sticky rice, ginger and butternut soup, and miso cod plus a choice of nonalcoholic beverage. We picked a sweet cherry soda and an explosive ginger beer.

We don't love the huge restaurants that characterize the Meatpacking District, or the suburbanite crowd they attract, but Jean-Georges Vongerichten's paean to Southeast Asia knocked it out of our park. We particularly liked what we termed the Temple of Darkness (hence our gloomy pictures), where JGV himself supposedly got married. Female servers wore sexy backless tops, but male servers and runners wore what looked like a cross between hospital scrubs and pajamas. A little silly, like many other things in this neighborhood, but the food made us forget the Vegas glitz.


we are never full said...

restaurant week menus often suck but this seems pretty ok. i went to spice market w/ a bunch of girlfriends and we had fun, but thought the food was hit or miss. some things we ordered were excellent while others weren't even as good as our local thai place. it's a bit overpriced and overhyped, but maybe going at rest. week makes it worthwhile.

Jess and Garrett said...

We've actually had pretty good luck when it comes to RW menus --- lots of choices, very little attitude. (At Spice Market, our server practically begged us to order the special, rather than off the regular menu.) If/when we go back, it'll be with a group, probably the only way to truly enjoy the spectacle of it all. Thanks for writing!

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