Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alien Stingers at the New York Aquarium

Stingers, including jellies and sponges, are the simplest mulitcellular creatures capable of movement and feeling (i.e., they have nerves and muscles), according to the Alien Stingers FAQ. This exhibit at the New York Aquarium explains how such creatures eat, breath, move, and breed, but the real draw is the stingers themselves, floating almost rhythmically in their dark pools.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Garden in Transit

Have you noticed the semi-psychedelic flowers painted on hoods and trunks of several taxis? It's a huge public art project sponsored by Portraits of Hope, an organization devoted to helping people overcome adversity through art. Hundreds of school kids in New York and other cities painted the flowers, which will stay on until the end of 2007. I can't say that riding in a flower cab is any different from riding in a regular cab, but they sure look pretty -- a sea of purples and blacks and reds and greens swirling over the yellow. And you can't beat the tag line: New York City in Full Bloom.

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